Helping Realty Investor Property Researchers Get In The Game Faster To Find Fund Flip On Their Own.

You Find, We Fund, We Fix ,We Flip, We Split

How Do I Start?

Become A 5050BirdDog

Our HardMoneyLendersMarketplace can fund as fast as you can find!

Our Network Was Designed For Quick Closings

Who wants to wait more than 6 months to receive their split? We dont and you shouldn't wait as well.

Investor Training

What you dont know about real estate is the headaches we will help you avoid when you are ready to do it on your own.

Fund Your Own Deals Faster

The more you make in the beginning the more you can put toward your own deals. We know you can find deals so how about keeping them all.

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How Does It Work?

Simple Processes

Upon becoming a Realty Investor Property Researcher (5050BirdDog) you will receive a beginners packet that highlights the types of deals and average funding time those properties are normally associated with.

Each deal being unique will have its own set of standards and time frames involving the many parties needed to finalize the initial paperwork.

Accessing national databases of investors, wholesalers and first time property owners, most deals needing rehab or remodeling can close within 120 days from initial purchase.

You will be privy to the entire process on the deal you choose so it can prepare you for when you are ready to find, fund, fix, flip on your own.

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